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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What religion is ADL based on?

ADL is considered a interfaith organization. This means, we are not based in any established religion or spiritual tradition.

However, you will easily find a basis for the lessons in our programs in practically any spiritual tradition. The lessons can also be applied within any religious or spiritual tradition to deepen the experience.

This means, no matter what spiritual background you come from, the lessons shared in ADL will only deepen your spiritual experience.

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Can I take courses without being or becoming a minister?

Yes! We have found there are many people who want to deepen their spiritual connection and experience but don't have the desire to become a minister.

Ministers, just like every other spiritual seeker, are on a personal journey to expand and deepen their own spiritual awareness. So, for our ministers, our courses provide both personal growth and continuing education.

Are ministerial training fees refundable?

We take this on a case-by-case basis. 

The fees for ministerial training are mainly used to cover people's time (for reviewing your application and mentoring you through the program). Since people's time cannot be returned to them, we typically do not offer refunds after the time has been spent.

However, we try to be as flexible and supportive as possible, so please feel free to contact us regarding your situation.

Is it possible to get financial assistance?

ADL Ministers who need assistance paying their annual renewal dues may submit a Angel Fund Request form.

NOTE: Submission of this request does not guarantee approval.

Technical Questions

How do I renew my ministerial license if I don't want to do it online?

Our website makes it easy and safe to renew your license. It also gives you more control over your profile and information.

However, we know some people are not comfortable using online systems. So, you can also download our renewal form, complete the form and submit it with a check payment to our mailing address.

Download ADL Minister License Renewal Form

How do I get a copy of my invoices and receipts?

You always have access to your invoices and receipts for any payments made through our new Simplero system by going to:

Of course, you must be logged into your account to view these.

How do I log into my ADL account?

On the website's main menu, click Log In.

Note: The ADL website is built on the Simplero platform. So, if you notice "" in the URL on the login screen, don't worry, you are in the right spot.

I forgot (or don't know) my password, what do I do?

On the Log In screen, below the "Log in" button, click the link "Did you forget your Simplero ID or password?"

Password reset link

Note: The ADL website is built on the Simplero platform. So, if you notice "" in the URL on the login screen, don't worry, you are in the right spot.

How do I change my password?

Note: If you don't know your current password, use the "I forgot my password..." instructions on this page.

Once you are logged into your account...

  1. click on your account icon in the top right
  2. from the drop down menu, click "Your account"
  3. on the left side menu, click "Your Profile" 
  4. the click on the "Security" tab on the top of your profile info
  5. enter your current password and new password 
  6. click the button to change your password
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Note: The ADL website is built on the Simplero platform. So, if you notice "" in the URL on the login screen, don't worry, you are in the right spot.

How do I update my email address and ADL account information?

There are a couple of places to update your ADL account info:

  • Directory Profile information 
    This is what shows on your profile in the Directory. This is also where you can view your purchase history and access receipts.
    NOTE: ADL staff cannot update your profile information, only you have access to that.
    Update your Profile info here >

  • ADL Administrative information 
    This is information ADL uses for administrative purposes (ie. Chapel info, mailing address, etc.).
    Update your Administrative info here >

Updating your email address

Your Profile information is what you use to log in to the ADL website. So, even if we change your email address on your ADL Administrative records, you will still need to use whatever email and user ID that is on your profile for logging in (which only you have access to change).

When updating your email address on your ADL Administrative records, be sure to follow the instructions at the top of the form (leave the email that shows in the "Email" field and add your new email address in the "New Email" field). We will have to manually update your email in the system for you after you submit the form. All other information automatically updates upon submitting the form.

Watch this video to see how to update your email address

Check out this Video

How do I access the ADL Minister Community?

ADL Ministers, and ministers-in-training, have access to a private community where they can connect with each other, share information and access resources related to being an ADL Minister.

If you are an ADL Minister, on the main menu, under "Your Sites" you should see "ADL Ministers". 

If you are a Minister and do not see that option, let us know so we can get you access.

How can I connect with other ADL ministers?

There are several ways to connect with your fellow ADL ministers.  First, you'll need to login to the ADL Minister Community (see How do I access the ADL Minister Community?)

Once in the ADL Minister Community:

  • Use the Directory to find personal contact info for other ADL ministers
  • Post and comment to the ADL Minister Forum
  • Submit comments on ADL Minister Blog articles

All of these options can be found under "Community" on the main menu within the ADL Minister Community.

I am also a Mentor, how do I access the ADL Mentor Community?

ADL Mentors have their own community where resources specific to mentors are available.

If you are a Mentor, on the main menu, under "Your Sites" you should see "ADL Mentors". 

If you are a Mentor and do not see that option, let us know so we can get you access.

How do I save an ADL shortcut (icon) on my phone's home screen?

Two easy steps:

  1. Open the Browser on your phone and go to our website:
  2. Click the Menu Icon and then click "Add to Home Screen"
    NOTE: You can edit the name of the 'app' if you want to.

Now, go to your Home Screen and you'll see your new 'app' for the ADL Site.

If I need additional assistance, how do I contact ADL Support?

You can contact our support team by submitting the contact form at the bottom of this page (or on our Contact Us page). Be sure to enter the best email for us to reply.

Someone from our support team will respond as soon as possible. 

Still have questions?

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