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Legal Authority & Agreement

Legal Authority

As the course creator, you assume sole responsible for any and all copyrights associated with the content you submit to us. The Alliance of Divine Love, Inc. does not verify or confirm any legal rights (including copyrights) or accuracy of course content submitted to us and assumes no liability for the content of your course.

This is simply to say..... Please ensure that you have the legal authority to share the content you submit to us.

Should ADL receive a notice of copyright infringement, the course content will be removed immediately and we will attempt to notify the course creator. Course creators who have submitted content with copyright infringement issues in the past may need to complete additional steps for approval in the future.


By submitting course content with ADL, you grant ADL the rights to publish the content and use it as deemed appropriate for marketing and promotion.


ADL reserves the right to choose what content to publish and promote. As such, submission of your course content does not guarantee it will be published.

Last updated 19 Mar 2020.


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