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Overview of the Process

There are 2 main steps to submit your course to ADL.

  1. Uploading your files to an online file storage/sharing service, this includes...
    • Choosing the service that is best for you
    • Uploading your files
    • Getting the shareable link for us to access your files
  2. Submitting ADL's Course Submission Form


Important Note for Live Courses

If you are planning to offer a "Live" course, we won't need much course content from you (since you will be presenting it live). However, we will need the links to your scheduled sessions

Depending on how you are delivering your live sessions, there are 2 primary options:

  1. For easy access for your course students, you can provide the direct link for each scheduled live session.
  2. If you are having attendees register separately on another platform outside of the ADL website (such as Zoom) for each live session of your course, you will need to provide the link where they can register for each respective lesson/session. 

Add all of these links in a document (clearly labeled) including the date & time of each session and the title/topic of that session.
HINT: Our Course Outline worksheet should work great for organizing these links, while providing most of the other info we will need as well.


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Last updated 29 Jul 2020.


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