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Step 2: Submit the Form

Alright... you'll almost there!

To make this last step a breeze, collect the following:

  1. Your ADL Course Outline, from the Course Structure lesson (the submission form will ask you for some of this info)
  2. The share links for your files, from the previous Step 1: Upload Content (you'll need to copy & paste these onto the submission form)

Now that you have have everything ready...

Go to the Course Submission Form


Common Questions

I've submitted the form, what's next?

Once you complete the form, we will use the information you submitted to start setting up your course. This includes reviewing the course concept (if we haven't already) to make sure it is a good fit for our mission and audience. In the event there are concerns with your course, we will contact you.

How long does it take until my course is available on the ADL website?

The amount of time and effort it takes to add a course to the website depends on the size and complexity of the course. In general, please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for us to get it posted. If we have any questions or need additional information, we will contact you. 

What if it has been more than 2 weeks and my course still isn't published?

We would like to have perfect processes so nothing gets missed, but sometimes things happen, people forget things, or technology doesn't work as expected. So, please feel free to contact us to check the status. 

Last updated 29 Jul 2020.

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Michele Rae

This is my first exploration of a course promotion through ADL. I have a fully developed course and will be offering beginning June 2nd weekly for 8 weeks. I hope to partner with ADL to market as the content may be valuable to ministers and those we serve. Looking forward to hearing from you!!!

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