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Student Assessments & Feedback

Some instructors may be interested in monitoring the progress and/or proficiency of their students. 

In these cases, there are a few options (depending on level of sophistication):

Student Progress 

The system shows how many lessons a student has marked as completed, so that will show evidence of progression.

Basic Student Assessments/Feedback

We can setup worksheets within a course where students can answer questions, submit files, etc. There is not a way to do automatic grading on a worksheet, but an instructor could manually grade these if desired.

Advanced Student Assessments/Feedback

We can link to anything on the internet within a course. So, there are lots of options here, all depending on the instructor's technical proficiency...

  • We could link to a PDF, document or printable assessment tool that the instructor provides.
  • An instructor could provide a link to a form they created (like a quiz form). You can do this with Google Forms for free (which can also be embedded directly within the course). Other options are also available.
  • An instructor could also choose to do personal follow-up with students to assess progress. This would most easily be done by linking to the instructors online scheduling tool (there are many free options available), but this could also be done simply by the instructor providing some contact info within the course (email, phone, social profile, etc.).

If you are interested in tracking progress and/or student assessments/feedback and still have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

Last updated 6 Apr 2020.


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