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Follow-up with Students

Here are some ideas and examples of ways you can follow-up with students.

  • Add them to your email list and include them on your newsletter email updates.
  • Connect with them on social media so you can stay connected.
  • Message them directly on social media.
  • Get their phone number and text or call them just to see how they are doing since the course.
  • Get their address and mail them a card or letter (imagine the feeling of just getting a simple letter filled with the Greatest Degree of Love!).
  • If you know things they are interested in, send them links and share things with them that you think will interest them.

Most people would not find any of the above annoying or aggressive marketing. In fact, most people would probably appreciate this kind of genuine communication.

It is often better not to think of it as marketing and think of it as a continuing conversation and building a relationship with people who share similar interests.

Last updated 19 Mar 2020.

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Allen Lee Reed, Jr.

Absolutely awesome course on creating a course,It was very informative and thank you to those who created this for us, GOD Bless in the greatest degree of Love.

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