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Pricing & Compensation

Types of Pricing

  • Free Courses
  • Paid Courses (revenue sharing)
  • Donated/Complimentary Courses (ADL will keep any/all money received)

Free Courses

Free courses are just what they sound like... free for anyone to signup for the course. Therefore, there is no revenue directly gained from these courses.

Paid Courses

These have a set fee for signing up for the course. Any revenue gained directly from courses of this type will be shared with the course creator.

Revenue Sharing (70/30)

For paid courses, course creators will receive 70% of revenue gained directly from the paid course and ADL will retain 30%.

This commission split is helps us cover the start-up costs and on-going costs associated with creating and hosting courses on the ADL website, as well as the on-going marketing costs ADL will incur by promoting your course.


Payments will be sent to the course creators when their commission earnings are $20 or more and will be made on a quarterly basis (3-month cycles).

Example scenario...

A course creator has earned $9 in commissions for this quarter. Therefore, they will not receive a payment this quarter (payment amount is less than $20).
By the end of next quarter, their commission amount has increased to a total of $24 ($9 from last quarter plus $15 from this quarter), so now they will receive a commission payment of $24.
Now, their commission balance is back to $0 and so their next payment will be sent at the end of the quarter in which their commission payment amount rises to $20 or more.

Donated/Complimentary Courses

Course creators may choose to donate their course to ADL. The course creator will still retain any rights associated with the content of the course, but allows ADL to choose whether or not to charge a fee for the course and allows ADL to keep all revenue gained directly from the course.

Last updated 7 Jan 2021.


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