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Getting a Return-On-Investment

Whether you choose too charge for a course or not, creating a course takes time and energy, and maybe even some money.

We know that sharing your message in the Greatest Degree of Love is its own reward, but here are some ways you can get other return-on-investment.

  • Ask them for feedback: 
    • why they chose your course
    • what they got out of the course (how have they benefited)
    • what didn't make sense, or could be better
  • If you are an ADL Mentor, nurture the students in your course to apply for ministerial training.
  • Have other things to offer them, like:
    • services (energy healing, readings, etc.)
    • products (books, crystals, other courses, etc.)
  • Most importantly... follow-up with students! 
    • Keep the conversation going after the course. This isn't being pushy, this is continuing to serve them as needed. 
    • If you need a little help staying involved, perhaps set a reminder on your calendar to follow-up with one student once a week or once a month.

In short, consider your course on the ADL website as just another marketing tool. It probably isn't the main thing you offer, but it just another way to serve people and help those you can serve to find you. So, be prepared to continue the connection and conversation with students after the course is over.

Last updated 6 Apr 2020.


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