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Creating and Editing Graphics and Photos

Adding images and graphics to your course are great ways to make your course more attractive and engaging for students. 

This means students actually get more out of the course, retaining more of the information presented.

Below are several resources for creating and editing graphics and photos.

These are all 3rd party platforms, as such their terms and conditions may change at any time without us knowing. Also, there are lots of other simple tools and resources out there. So, please do your own internet searches and research to find the best options for you.


This is a free online tool for creating all kinds of designs, including short little videos or animations. 
NOTE: ADL ministers are eligible for a free nonprofit Canva Pro account.


This is a free and easy-to-use photo editor. Great for quickly cropping and resizing images.

Pexels  Unsplash  Pixabay  PikWizard  

All of these (and many others) are places to find stock photos, and maybe even some stock video footage, that you can use royalty-free.


Last updated 13 Jul 2020.


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